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Time Range Groups

Time Range Groups section allows you to define groups of date/time ranges used in time based Inbound Routes using Time Based Inbound Route Groups and in Thirdlane Connect and User Portal.

Create/Edit Time Range Group‚Äč

Time Range Group

Name. Alphanumeric unique Time Range Group name.

Descriptive name. Short user-friendly name of the Time Range Group.

Description. Time Range Group description.

Hide from end users. Specify whether this Time Range Group should be hidden from the end users in Thirdlane Connect and User Portal.

Using "Add" button you can add multiple Time Ranges, as many as you need.

Note that when defining Time Ranges an '' specifies 'any', so for example leaving month and Day- of-Month as '' and selecting from Monday to Friday would mean that the time range will be true Monday through Friday regardless of the month. Specifying the same Day-of-Week range and also selecting January in the "from" Month would mean 'Monday through Friday in January', etc.