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The Resellers section allows root level administrators or administrators with a permission to manage resellers to create and manage resellers and their permissions.


Create/Edit Reseller‚Äč

Edit Reseller

Login name. The Login name is used to log in to Configuration Manager. No spaces or special characters are allowed.

Description. Description or name.

Permissions. Check boxes for enabling permissions corresponding to Configuration Manager sections and screens. Enabling a permission will make the corresponding functionality available to the reseller. All the unselected items will not be present on Configuration Manager menus for the reseller, and access permissions will be enforced by the application.

Tenants. Tenants belonging to this reseller.

GUI Language. Select a language from the list of available languages.

Time Zone. Select a time zone from the list of time zones. This will adjust the display of the data stored based on server time zone to the time zone specified.

Login password. Password.