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Thirdlane Connect

Thirdlane Connect is a softphone, messaging app, and more. It provides secure one-on-one and group chat, voice and video calls and conferences, screen sharing, file sharing, and CRM and business applications integration.

Thirdlane Connect enables both team collaboration AND customer communications in web browsers, on mobile devices, and Windows, Linux and Mac desktops.

Here is how Thirdlane Connect looks on a Mac:

Thirdlane Connect

With Thirdlane Connect you can:

  • Send and receive secure messages in direct and group conversations

  • Receive messages from various applications via Slack compatible webhooks

  • Manage personal contacts

  • Escalate conversations as needed - from chat, to voice, to video

  • Setup and manage conferences

  • Create and use private and public channels for team communication

  • Log in using Google or Office 365 accounts

  • Access Google and Office 365 contacts

  • Use click-to-call and get screen pops in Salesforce and other CRMs

  • Share status and presence with your team

  • Share files

  • Share screen

  • Access and manage your voicemail

  • Manage call recording, listen to recorded calls

  • Manage call forwarding, screening and blocking

  • Move calls between mobile Thirdlane Connect and your desk phone

  • Call from mobile phone using office extension, keeping mobile number private

  • Save international and long distance charges by making calls from mobile device via Thirdlane phone system

  • Take full advantage of the advanced business phone system functionality

  • Send faxes from anywhere, even mobile phone

Desktop versions of Thirdlane Connect are distributed with the Thirdlane Platform and can be downloaded and installed using browser based Thirdlane Connect, while mobile versions are available on Google Play and App Store.