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User Portal

User Portal web UI gives users (User Extensions' owners) an ability to manage their own settings based on the permissions specified by the administrators.

User Portal allows you to configure Call Forwarding, Call Screening, Call Blocking, Call Recording, Voicemail, manage Voicemail messages and Recorded Calls, click-to-call from Personal Contacts and Company Directory, and view Recent Calls. User Portal also allows you to manage Conferences Rooms and monitor them in real-time, and provides integration with popular CRMs to find information about people calling you.

System administrators can access User Portal on behalf of the User Extension owners using the User Extensions section.

User Portal access information is included in the Welcome Email sent to users at the creation time or any time afterwords.

Various User Portal sections and screens are described in a separate User Portal document.

Note that most of the features of the User Portal are available in Thirdlane Connect.