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Thirdlane Multi Tenant

Thirdlane Multi Tenant is a robust solution designed for MSPs and UCaaS providers, offering an advanced alternative to traditional PBX systems.

The system offers versatile deployment options, allowing for installation on either a single server for straightforward setups, or a dual-server configuration to incorporate redundancy, enhancing overall system resilience. This setup choice, illustrated in the accompanying diagram, can cater to different operational needs and preferences.

This system goes beyond the usual PBX functionality. It includes enhanced features like direct and group messaging, voice and video conferencing, file and screen sharing, along with various integrations, making it more versatile than typical PBX solutions.

Service providers often use Thirdlane Multi Tenant to manage smaller customers, while larger customers might be hosted on dedicated servers or VMs running the Thirdlane Business Phone System. The package comes with the Configuration Manager Multi Tenant, tailored for administrators, and a User Portal for end-users, with the added benefit of the Thirdlane Connect application included at no extra cost.