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Customizable Communication and Collaboration App

Expand your offerings with Thirdlane Connect, a comprehensive solution that transforms communication and collaboration. It features an array of tools including chat, voice and video calls, conferencing, screen sharing, and file sharing. Perfectly integrating with CRM and other business applications, it significantly enhances team efficiency and enriches customer interactions.

Communication Tools For Productive Teams
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Thirdlane Connect is an application that enhances communication and collaboration, deployable alongside Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX or Thirdlane Business Phone System. It supports a variety of platforms including web browsers, iOS, Android, and desktop operating systems, ensuring seamless integration across diverse operational environments.

This application enables organizations to either replace traditional desk phones or supplement them, adapting to a range of business needs. Features such as advanced telephony, CRM compatibility, and video conferencing are integral to Thirdlane Connect, helping to streamline organizational communication and improve team collaboration.

Streamlined Communication with Chat, SMS, Voice, and Video

Streamlined Communication with Chat, SMS, Voice, and Video

  • Seamlessly engage with customers and partners, transitioning from text-based chat and SMS to immersive voice and video calls.
  • Effortlessly manage and access archives of office voice and video calls.
  • Conveniently review voicemail and call recordings.
  • Initiate calls from anywhere using your office extension and caller ID, ensuring mobile number privacy.
Enhanced Collaboration with Video Calls, Conferences, and Screen Sharing

Enhanced Collaboration with Video Calls, Conferences, and Screen Sharing

  • Quickly set up and manage voice and video conferences.
  • Enhance team collaboration with efficient screen sharing.
  • Dynamically elevate communication from chat to voice to video, adapting to team needs.
  • Share and send files among teammates effortlessly.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other business tools for a unified workflow experience.
Brand Promotion with Customizable White Label Solutions

Brand Promotion with Customizable White Label Solutions

  • Customize the app to match your brand for a consistent user experience.
  • Strengthen client relationships with a uniquely branded interface designed for engagement.
  • Differentiate your service with a distinctively designed app appearance to stand out.
  • Control your release timing on Google Play and the App Store to align with your marketing strategy and user needs.

Extra benefits and features of Thirdlane Connect for MSPs, resellers, and their customers

Comprehensive Communication

Integrate voice, SMS, and secure messaging for effective internal and external communication.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Boost teamwork with file sharing, screen sharing, and voice/video conferencing tools.

CRM and Apps Integration

Seamlessly manage contacts and integrate with various CRMs and business applications

Efficient Calls Management

Handle calls with features like caller ID, CRM screen pops, voicemail access, and call history management.

Desktop Phones Compatibility

Utilize Thirdlane Connect on both mobile devices and computers, replacing traditional desk phones.

Communication Escalation

Adapt communication styles from chat to voice to video as needed.

Notifications and Presence

Stay informed with notifications and manage availability for effective team coordination.

Phone System Integration

Leverage comprehensive phone system features including call recording, forwarding, and seamless device switching.

Cost-Effective Call Solution

Save on international and long-distance calls with the cost-efficient Thirdlane business phone system.

Effortless Faxing

Seamlessly Send Faxes from Any Device, Anywhere

Easy Setup and Access

Effortless installation and use on a multitude of devices and platforms.

Scalable and Cost-Effective

Provide a scalable, lower-cost alternative to Microsoft Teams, complete with advanced telephony and open standards.

Enhance your portfolio by integrating Thirdlane Connect and attract more customers with superior communication solutions. Learn how this application can boost communications, increase team productivity, and provide significant cost savings.

Contact us today to discover the benefits of adding Thirdlane Connect to your offerings!

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