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Customer Testimonials

"Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX has been a core part of our business since the beginning. Almost 90 percent of our clients are call centers, many with multiple offices and remote employees. Thirdlane Communications Manager - Thirdlane PBX's web interface lets clients manage all those locations centrally, re-route calls on the fly and have the changes take effect immediately."

Jon Warren

CEO of Business First Solutions a supplier of hosted IP-PBX services

"At Mozilla we have been using Thirdlane to manage and connect PBXs in our offices worldwide. Out-of-the-box Thirdlane includes all the administration and end-user features expected in a modern PBX, but what really sets it apart is the ease and the depth of customization it offers to administrators. It does not limit what you can do with Asterisk - just makes it easier"

Justin Fitzhugh

Senior Director of Engineering Operations, Mozilla


As a managed service provider, we at FUSE3 Communications know the importance of delivering a complete package to our customers. A critical component was voice over IP and considerable research was performed in this area. The Thirdlane PBX has proven to be a stable and feature rich platform, a perfect solution for our Managed IT customers. We have partnered with Thirdlane for many years and look forward to many more.

Michael Greco

Chief Technology Officer at FUSE3 Communications

With the multi-tenant edition, customers can start with a hosted system. When they grow, all they have to do is install an on-premises PBX. They can use the same phones. So it allows me to gain customers at an earlier stage and keep them through the entire lifecycle without additional training.

James Sturtevant

CEO of Sigma Networks, a Sunnyvale, CA

Hosted VoIP solutions based on Asterisk and the Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX are popular with our customers because they get all the features of a business phone system with low up-front costs, fast deployment and reasonable monthly payments. Competitive products are very expensive and often charge per seat. We're seeing strong interest in Asterisk-based solutions such as Third Lane's because they're simply more flexible and affordable.

Erik Smith

Chief Technology Officer of BluegrassNet

Digium has long benefited from Third Lane's contributions to the Asterisk community, so we're pleased to formally partner and to work closely with each other. Third Lane's PBX solutions fit a segment of the market looking for a solution that allows significant customization, and companies in the hosting business who need multi-tenant PBX support. When combined with Asterisk Business Edition, Third Lane's products address those customers while providing a commercial- grade telephony platform supported by the creators of Asterisk.

Jim Webster

Director of Technology Partnerships at Digium

snom has always believed the customer has the right to choose which products and services will best fit their specific needs; that’s why we have been focusing so heavily on certified interoperability across all VoIP system components in recent months With Thirdlane PBX now supporting our phones, snom’s phones have become an even more attractive choice than they were before.

Michael Knieling

CFO and executive vice president of marketing and sales for snom.

Thirdlane delivers open source where it matters. It provides a powerful, clean interface for users and administrators, while giving our Reseller Partners full access to the underlying Asterisk platform for configuring or creating customized IP Telephony solutions. They can plug-in their own modules without complicating support or upgrades.

Robert Messer

President of ABP Technology, a national value-added reseller network specializing in VoIP and IP communications

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