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Scalable Business Phone System for Small to Large Enterprises

The Thirdlane Business Phone System is ideal for MSPs and resellers requiring dedicated solutions for larger businesses where a multi-tenant system isn't practical. It offers exclusive resources and extensive customization, making it a strong alternative for enterprises needing enhanced security, performance, and integration. This system is particularly beneficial for large installations that require tailored configuration.

Thirdlane Business Phone System
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The Thirdlane Business Phone System is an excellent choice for MSPs and resellers, offering a robust IP PBX and Unified Communications solution that can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud. This flexibility ensures service providers can align the system with the specific needs of their clients, accommodating both secure, on-site setups and scalable, cloud-based configurations. 

Here are some of the key attributes that make the Thirdlane Business Phone System a preferred solution for comprehensive communication needs.

    Efficient Web-Based System Administration

    Efficient Web-Based System Administration

    The Thirdlane Business Phone System streamlines management with its Configuration Manager, a user-friendly web-based GUI. Administrators can easily perform all system configurations through this intuitive interface, significantly simplifying the setup and ongoing adjustments, and ensuring efficient, hassle-free administration.

    Robust CRM Integrations and Connectivity

    Robust CRM Integrations and Connectivity

    Thirdlane enhances its communication solutions by integrating telephony features with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, and Zendesk. This integration includes caller ID lookup and click-to-call functionality, streamlining communication by allowing users to identify callers instantly and make calls directly from the CRM interface.

    This seamless connection improves productivity and ensures that all customer interactions are efficiently logged, enhancing customer service quality.

    Thirdlane Connect for Seamless Collaboration

    Thirdlane Connect for Seamless Collaboration

    With the Thirdlane Business Phone System, customers gain access to advanced telephony features alongside the Thirdlane Connect application, provided at no additional cost.

    This robust application enhances communication experiences by offering a suite of functionalities including chat, voice and video calls, conferencing, and screen sharing, empowering teams to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

    Why MSPs and Resellers Choose Thirdlane Business Phone System for Supporting Larger Businesses?

    • Extensive Customization. The Thirdlane Business Phone System is highly customizable, allowing MSPs and resellers to tailor communication systems to fit the specific needs of their clients. This flexibility supports a wide range of business applications and workflows, enhancing functionality and user satisfaction.
    • Reliability. Stability and redundancy are integral to the Thirdlane Business Phone System, offering options like geo-redundancy to guarantee consistent service and minimal disruptions. This dependable infrastructure is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted business communications.
    • Competitive Pricing. Thirdlane Business Phone System provides cost-effective solutions with competitive pricing and flexible licensing terms. Starting with a low initial investment, we ensure exceptional value and commit to beating any competitor’s offer for similar solutions.
    • Dedicated Support. Our extensive support services ensure swift issue resolution, backed by an experienced and attentive support team. This level of dedicated support provides peace of mind, ensuring that communication systems operate smoothly and without interruption.

    These features make the Thirdlane Business Phone System an appealing choice for MSPs and resellers seeking a reliable, cost-effective, and easily managed communication solution that also offers extensive customization and scalability to meet the needs of larger businesses.

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