Thirdlane offers both Community support and Professional support to ensure your success with Thirdlane powered solutions and solve your problems quickly.

Thirdlane's support services aim to:

  • Assure that Thirdlane solutions offer the best value in the industry to customers and partners - in features, ease of deployment, support and maintenance.
  • Increase customer and partners effectiveness through education and continuous knowledge transfer
  • Accelerate time to market for Internet Telephony Service Providers by helping them at the key stages of initial service rollout
  • Enhance Reseller Partners margins by lowering their internal support costs through the time-tested best practices

Thirdlane web site provides access to online documentation, product demonstrations and trial downloads. Registering on our web site and participating in Community Forums is the best way to meet other customers and partners to share experience, tips and ideas.

To our customers we offer Product Support and Professional Services.

These are the principles we follow:

  • Address customer's request until the issue or question is resolved to the customer's satisfaction.
  • Address the business impact of the problem first - then address the technical issues.
  • Identify issues root cause, find both short term and long-term solutions - eliminate problem reoccurrence.
  • Use all available resources to facilitate solving customers' issue on the first contact.