Improve Customer Experience with Thirdlane Call Center

Thirdlane Call Center is a reliable and highly-customizable solution for a broad range of call centers - on-premises or in the cloud.

With minimal upfront capital costs and the ability to pay for service "on-demand", enterprises using Thirdlane Call Center can see dramatic cost savings in comparison with competitive products.

Thirdlane Call Center Screenshots

Thirdlane - Call Center software solutionThirdlane - Call Center monitoring and reporting softwareThirdlane - Call Center interface screenshotCloud Call Center solutionCall Center voip software solutionsThirdlane - software for call centers

Thirdlane Call Center is integrated with Thirdlane PBX and Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX products and offers a set of features supporting environments ranging from professional call centers to workgroups requiring only basic call distribution and simple call queuing.

Thirdlane Call Center key features:

  • Integration with Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, and many cloud CRM, Service Desk and business applications boosts productivity and enhances customer engagement
  • Integration with Thirdlane PBX and Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX provides centralized management and reporting, and a full picture of customer interaction
  • ​Integrated IVR/Auto Attendants - callers can be directed to appropriate queues by following simple voice prompts
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) - callers are routed to the right queues based on the agents skills and availability

  • Call Queuing - callers never receive a busy signal and can wait in a queue until an agent becomes available

  • Remote Agents - agents can log in from remote geographically distributed locations ensuring 24x7 support

  • Call Center Monitoring and Reporting - both real-time monitoring and historical reporting provides Call Center management with the necessary tools to access and manage performance and service level

  • Agent and Supervisor web GUI - agent and supervisor screens provide comprehensive and easy to use tools helping to work from anywhere where internet connection is available