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Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms section allows you to create and manage Conference Rooms.

As an alternative to Conference Rooms you can use Thirdlane Connect Channels for both Audio and Video Conferencing.

Here is a screen that shows all the Conference Rooms.

Conference Rooms

Clicking on an image in "Recorded Calls" column dispays the list of recordings of conferences in this Conference Room.

Conference Room Recordings

Create/Edit Conference Room

Conference Room

Conference Room

Conference Room. Conference room number, which identifies the Conference Room.

Description. Short description of the Conference Room.

Maximum Participants. Maximum number of participants that are allowed to join a conference.

PIN. PIN required for joining this Conference Room.

Administrator's PIN. PIN that when entered makes the user th "marked user" and also gives the user administrative rights. See Asterisk documentation for details.

Owners. Users who will have permissions to manage this Conferenece Room.

Conference Room Settings

Conference Room

Wait for a leader (marked user). Wait until the marked user enters the conference. If set will make users wait for a marked user. In Configuration Manager a user who enters administrator's PIN is the marked user.

End conference when a leader (marked user) exits. This option will end the conference for everyone after the last marked user exits.

Play music for a single caller. If set, will enable music-on-hold even when conference the has a single caller.

Music-on-Hold. Music-on-hold associated with the conference which plays when users are waiting for a marked user.

Enable menu. If set, will allow a voice menu. The options presented are dependent on whether it is a regular user or an administrator who presses the key and includes muting and unmuting, increasing or decreasing volume, etc.

Announce user count on joining. If set, will play announce a user count to users joining the conference.

Announce when users join/leave. If set, will play an announcement every time someone joins or leaves the conference.

Set talker detection. If set, will send information about the current talkers to the Asterisk Manager Interface.

Record conference. If set, then the conference will be recorded. Use this with caution as the recordings can be quite large.

Entering Conference Rooms

Callers can enter Conference Rooms from anywhere - Inbound Routes, IVR/Voice Menus, but typically they enter Conference Rooms by dialing a Feature Code associated with a "conference aware" Dialplan Script.

As an example, in the default Thirdlane configuration, Feature Code 603 provides access to Conference Rooms. This can be changed if needed.