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Feature Codes

Feature Codes allow you to add functionality to your PBX and execute Dialplan Scripts when these Feature Codes are dialed either directly or using selections in IVR/Voice Menus. Configuration Manager comes with Feature Codes for various PBX functions.

You should freely add Feature Codes as needed. The ability to add custom Dialplan Scripts and Feature Codes to extend PBX functionality is one of the powerful features of Thirdlane.

Feature Codes

Create/Edit Feature Code‚Äč

Feature Code

Feature Code. Code (extension) that when routed to will invoke an associated Diaplan Script. Historically these types of codes start with an * and are called star codes, but this is not a requirement. You have to be careful choosing these codes so that they don't conflict with User Extensions or Outbound Routes.

Description. Description of this Feature Code.

Run script. Name of a Dialplan Script that will be associated with this Feature Code. Depending on the Dialplan Script selected for handling calls to this Feature Code, you will be able to enter different parameters that are required as per the Dialplan Script definition.