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Outbound Call Routes

Outbound Call Routes section allows you to manage outbound dialing and associate patterns with Dialplan Scripts and Trunks to define how the calls to these numbers will be handled. Configuration Manager allows you to assign Outbound Routes to 3 categories (Emergency, Restricted, Unrestricted) in order to control outbound dialing permissions from your phones.

Outbound Routes

Create/Edit Outbound Route

Outbound Route

Route. A number or a pattern for outbound dialing. If the first character of the route is _ it means that whatever follows is to be treated as a pattern as follows:

X matching any digit 0-9
Z matching any digit 1-9
N matching any digit 2-9
Bracketed expressions like [13-5] matching any digit in the brackets
. matching one or more characters.

See Asterisk documentation for the details and for the available formats for pattern definition.

Category. Specify whether the route is in Restricted, Unrestricted or Emergency category. Routes in Emergency category can be dialed from all endpoints, “Unrestricted” routes are not available to endpoints with outbound dialing category that allows them to make only internal calls, and “Restricted” are not available to endpoints that are not allowed to make all calls.

For example you can put pattern for making international calls into “Restricted” category and make some specific international destinations and all local calls “Unrestricted”.

Note that outbound dialing category for endpoints is specified either in User Extensions or in Special Endpoints.

Script. Name of the Dialplan Script that will be used to handle calls that match the pattern for this route. You should also fill in the parameters expected by the script. For the Thirdlane supplied scripts the “Trunk” parameter is required, but the rest of the parameters are optional.

Note that the default Thirdlane supplied scripts for Outbound Routes reference global variables ${DIALOUT} and ${INTERNATIONAL-PREFIX} which are empty by default. ${DIALOUT} can be set so that all the calls to outside numbers will require preceding them with the specified digit, and ${INTERNATIONAL-PREFIX} is a country and provider specific prefix for making international calls (011 for the US). You can change these variables to reflect your requirements in Dialplan Variables.