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Dialplan Variables

Dialplan Variables section is for managing Dialplan Variables which are used to control Thirdlane dialplan execution. The default variables available after the system installation are used in the standard Dialplan Scripts delivered with the Configuration Manager. You can create your own variables for your own scripts as needed.

Dialplan Variables

The following Global Dialplan Variables are supplied with Thirdlane and can not be changed as they are used internally:




The following Global Dialplan Variables are supplied with Thirdlane but can be changed as needed:

OPERATOR. Default operator's extension.

PROMPT_LANGUAGE. Used to select language for greetings and voice prompts.

RECORDING_FORMAT. The default format for call recording.

RINGTIME. The default time in seconds used when dialing User Extensions.

TIME_ZONE. The default time zone.

TL_CHECK_DIALING_PERMISSIONS. Controls whether the Dialing Permissions will be checked.

TL_CHECK_INBOUND_PERMISSIONS. Controls whether the Inbound Permissions will be checked.

TL_CUSTOM_INBOUND_SCRIPT. Custom Dialplan Script that will be executed when processing inbound calls.

TL_DEBUG. Enables debugging in the dialplan.

TL_ENABLE_MAXCALLS_CHECK. If enabled, will check that "Number of External Calls" defined for Tenants is not exceeded.

TL_ORIGINATE_TIMEOUT. The default timeout for calls originated from the external sources.

TL_REROUTE_LOCAL_DIDS. If enabled, will reroute the calls to phone numbers you own (DIDs) back to your server without going through a carrier.