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Redirect Servers

Many phone manufacturers, including Fanvil, Snom, and Yealink, offer Redirect Servers to manage phone MAC addresses and direct them to Provisioning Servers. This Zero Touch Provisioning allows for effortless setup of new or reset phones without manual configuration. In the 'Redirect Servers' section, configure these servers to connect with our Provisioning Servers.

Redirect Servers section allows you to configure Redirect Servers provided by the supported phone vendors - currently Fanvil, Snom and Yealink.

Create/Edit Redirect Server‚Äč

Edit Redirect Server

Name. Assign a unique name to Redirect Server.

Provider. Select the phone manufacturer providing the server.

Description. Add a brief server description.

Provisioning Server Address. Specify the address of our provisioning server, typically the same as the management server where the Configuration Manager is running.

Access credentials by manufacturer:

Fanvil and Snom: Require a User name and Password. Yealink: Requires Access Key ID and Access Key Secret.