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The License section shows you your license, its status, and allows you to manage your license.


Request a Trial License. Thirdlane installation process creates a temporary locally installed license which typically expires in 15 days and can not be easily extended. If you are trying Thirdlane before purchasing, you should request a Trial License by clicking "Request a Trial License" and filling out a form. This will create a temporary Trial License that can be extended, or converted to a production license if required.

Purchase a License. If you are ready to purchase, click "Purchase a License", fill out a form below, and we will contact you with payment instructions.

License Request

Install License Key. If you are provided with a License Key, you can install it by clicking "Install License Key" button and enter your key in the displayed form.

Install License File. If you have a license file (instead of a License Key), you can install it by clicking "Install License File button and uploading your license in using the displayed form.

Deactivate License. If you need to move your installation to a different server, you can deactivate your license by clicking "Deactivate License" button on the old server, and later "Activate License" on the new server.

Activate License. Clicking on "Activate License" button allows you to activate your license on the new server after moving your installation to this server.

Check License Status. To check your license status click on "Check License Status" button.

Note that some buttons above may not be visible as their presence depends on the status of your license.