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Domains and SSL

This section allows you to add domain name(s) and install/upload SSL certificate(s). Domain and a corresponding certificate are required if you use Thirdlane Connect as it uses WebRTC and does not allow unsecured communications.

SSL certificate and private key may have been provided in two separate files (Certificate and Private Key in separate files) or included in one file (Certificate and Private Key in one file), or provided as certificate chain (Certificate Chain). Please make sure that you select the option accordingly.

If you don't have a certificate, you can request and install free Let's Encrypt certificate by choosing Request and Install Let's Encrypt Certificate option. You can learn more about Let's Encrypt certificates at Let's Encrypt website.

Create/Edit Domain‚Äč

Domain Domain. Fully Qualified Domain Name

Additional Domains. If your SSL certificate is for multiple domains, you can specify additional domains covered by this certificate. If you have a wildcard SSL certificate, you can specify subdomains in the corresponding section.

Upload option. SSL certificate and private key may have been provided to you in two separate files, included in one file, or you may have a certificate chain. Enter (copy/paste) the content of certificate and private key file(s). If you don't currently have a certificate, you can obtain free certificate from Let's Encrypt.

Certificate. Paste content of your SSL certificate here.

Decryption Key Secret. Specify Decryption Key Secret if required.