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Provisioning Settings

Provisioning (or phones auto-provisioning) allows you to quickly configure your SIP phones by allowing them to download firmware and MAC based provisioning files created with Configuration Manager.

Your phones may support different protocols for auto provisioning. For security reasons you should only enable the protocols you are going to use. Note that you should not use TFTP for servers with public access as TFTP does not support authentication.

Provisioning Settings screen allows system administrator to specify general settings for auto-provisioning of SIP phones.

Provisioning Settings

Server address. This is the address that will be placed in the generated phone configuration files as server or proxy address.

Directory. This is an informational field that cannot be changed. It shows where the provisioning files will be placed on the server.

The rest of the fields allow you to enable protocols for provisioning (FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP) and to specify credentials where applicable.