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Translation Maps

Translation Maps are used in Device Provisioning, and allow you to specify how any provisioning related values entered by you will be translated to internal values for specific Phone Models. You can include these in the template files as needed.

For example - in your template you can define a custom variable AREA_CODE, and define translations from user-friendly names like "Palo Alto" and "San Francisco" to 650 and 415 respectively.

You can also specify how a user selected time zones will be translated into device manufacturer's timezone formats to replace TL_TIMEZONE variable in provisioning template files. For example, US Eastern Time Zone EST5EDT translates to -5 for Yealink phones, and to -18000 for Polycom.

Create/Edit Translation Map‚Äč

Translation Map

Translation Map Name. Unique name you would like to give to a Translation Map

Template Variables Translation Map. A map that defines how the Original Value gets replaced with Replace With value during provisioning

Time Zone Translation Map. A map that is used to translate standard Unix time zone values to the Phone Manufacturer's Time zone. Note that you have to specify a translation for the Default Time Zone when creating a Translation Map.