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We recently setup a small call center in the MT version and they rely on recorded calls for training and coaching with their staff. In the 3 days on the system, they have generated nearly 100 pages of recorded calls. It's very difficult to find to specific calls with such a large list.

The workaround is to search the call date/time in the call log and then guess at the page number it might be on. My customer thinks we are playing an April fools joke on her. :)

Possibilities for the future might be:

1. Integrating recordings into the call record search page.
2. Adding filter and search capabilities to the recording page.

Just my 0.02

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I hope you're using gsm wav (aka WAV vs wav) for your codec instead of PCM wav. At 2500 files in 3 days your going to fill up your filesystem fairly quickly.

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Yes, gsm wav (aka WAV) as the codec for the recordings. Our other asterisk servers run mp3 compression on the recordings when the call is complete, but I think gms wav is fine for 99% of the customers.

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If Alex would tell us what the naming conventions are for the files, it should be pretty easy to write a replacement web page for it. It looks like all the files are dumped into /var/spool/asterisk/monitor.

Just write a few regex's are you should be good to go.


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Ok, so I looked at the naming convention and here what I see. Am I missing anything?



direction: in, out, inout

source: source number or extension

datetime: YYYY-MM-DD-HH:MM:SS

destination: destination extension or number

type: recording file format type, e.g. WAV, wav