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Thirdlane new release -

  • Added ability to properly identify and show call direction for calls made via "Originate" command
  • Fixed a bug where "autopause" queue option was not saved correctly
  • Added "autopausebusy", "autopauseunavail to queues options
  • Added tl-dialout-1-trunki-pin script "Dial Out (1 trunk) with PIN which prompts users for vm pin based access code and can be used for international dialing.
  • Added ability to set parking time in tenant parking lot settings
  • Fixed a bug where settings were not applied when managing parking lots for tenants
  • Increased the number of pickup groups per tenant to 100
  • Allow selection of restricted "from inside" contexts for trunks, useful for connected PBXs
  • Ignore call acceptance rules for internal calls so they are not screened
  • Fixed a bug in IVR import for multi tenant systems (gotovm and gotovmsilent items)
  • Various internal changes in preparation for a new major release
  • Changed MAC address verification failure from error to warning to allow extension to be used instead of MAC (for Polycom UC)
  • Renamed Phones Provisioning to Device Provisioning
  • Increased number of buttons in Device Provisioning
  • Fixed a bug in cron job error return value
  • Fixed a bug where users were allowed to manage company directory without specific permission
  • Fixed a bug where multiple permit or deny values were stored under one key when using text backend for sip
  • Added extra checking and file cleanup for keeping settings for realtime sip and sip_peers.include consistent
  • Fixed a bug in Live Monitor where agents could not be logged off or unpaused and Answered Calls were not shown correctly in Asterisk 11
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Hi Alex,

Appreciated your work.!!


Best Regards

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Hi Alex,

A dummy question, how can I upgrade my Cluster installation to the last version?


jaime at netline dot cl

Aliyan Ali
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We are using this version but we are unable to see live call time of any agent it is stuck on 00:00
also i have a question we have multiple queues and when one agent is logged into 2 queues he does not get time to wrap up previous call
agent 1 is logged in to Queue 1 and Queue 2
Agent 1 answer the call from Queue one ( wrap up time is set to 30 Seconds for both Queues )
as soon agent 1 finish call of Queue on he receive call from Queue 2 without any wrap up time how to fix this.

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In the next version you will be able to control this by setting wrapuptaime and shared_lastcall option.

Please post feedback, questions and bug reports to General questions forum - we would like to keep News and announcements for our News and announcements :)

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
Multi Tenant Asterisk PBX

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Noticed that uniserver log files are very large under this version. Several hundred Mb in size compared to only a few Mb in previous versions.

Has the verbosity been accidentally left too high on this release?

Is it possible to turn it down back to the previous levels?

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Hi Guys,

In all the mysql files under /usr/libexec/webmin/asterisk/sql/mysql/

Looks like a depreciated variable is used.

default_storage_engine was introduced in MySQL 5.5.3.
storage_engine was removed in MySQL 5.7.5.


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This variable is deprecated in MySQL 5.7 - but the latest CentOS includes much older version of MySQL - and that is what we install now.

To deal with this we can specify engine on the table level - more verbose but more accurate. Will be included in the next release.

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
Multi Tenant Asterisk PBX

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