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We are very happy to announce a new release - Thirdlane

Here is a summary of what is in the new release:

  • Mobile friendly web GUI
  • Support for the latest version of Webmin
  • Use of new Authentic Theme for Webmin as the default theme - thank you Ilia Rostovtsev for your really great looking Webmin theme.
  • New License server with support for license migration, automatic trial license generation, and web site based license purchase and provisioning
  • Major changes to Inbound Routes so that they don't have to be regenerated when Time Range Groups change
  • Script for checking which back-end is used, and preventing incompatible updates in case of the file based back-end
  • Major enhancements to Migration Assistant including support for export of older versions of database back-end, export using previously created file as a source, and ability to show progress of the export process on remote host,
  • Change in Migration Assistant to allow import of DIDs containing patterns as well as x=y=z constructs in sip.conf
  • Added patches to convert nat settings deprecated in Asterisk 11
  • Removed "nat" and "canreinvite" fields from all the screens, added "nat" to "other options"
  • Ability to test CRM connection to all CRM configuration and access screens
  • API required to support V1.X of Thirdlane mobile application for Android and iPhone
  • Fixed a bug in API handling of voicemal messages stored as files
  • Redesigned Time Range Groups to be stored as contexts so they can be used via "gosub" in Inbound Routes and elsewhere
  • Added Time Zone to Inbound Routes
  • Added Time Zone management on Tenant, Admin, and User Extension levels
  • Enhanced reporting and statistics to use user's Time Zone when applying time intervals for data selection and in all the time based reports
  • Report voicemail time in user's local timezone rather than in UTC
  • Moved SIP registrations into separate table to avoid locks under heavy load
  • Report endpoints' ip addresses and user agent from sipregs table for better performance
  • Removed status column from screens displaying lists of endpoints such as User Extensions and Special Lines
  • Added limits for maximum number of CRM Agents to license and tenants (presently used only for Salesforce)
  • Fixed a bug in creation of Operator Managed Routes where they were created as Time Based
  • Fixed a bug where Call Recording Settings form was displayed instead of Fax Settings. Thanks Phil!
  • Fixed a bug where could not remove a file resulting in Asterisk not hanging up fax channels

and more...

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Joined: 2007/02/07
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We found and fixed a few issues in the original release, so if you you installed it before 05/23, you should get the latest:

As always, it is simple:

yum clean all
yum update

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
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