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I have a problem, before using elastix and had created to separate contexts extensions could call specifying the trunk, now Thirdlane can not do this and I have desperate, because I can tell it comes out of a trunk, but no trunk multiple .


Ext: 1 ==== called national trunk====1
Ext: 1 ==== called International trunk====2

Ext 2 == ==== called national trunk====3
Ext 2 ==== called International trunk====4

Please help me...

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Can you elaborate further?

You can use patterns to specify trunks

Erik Smith
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I need to restrict outgoing calls, for example if one can call extension International that the extension in February he can not do.

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Hi Arlin,

I am not sure what you mean - could you please explain?

You can define which extensions have access to restricted or unrestricted route categories where you can define what is restricted and what is not, and be even more specific, where you can specify which extensions can dial which routes based on extension and routes patterns.

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