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It would be nice to export the directory to an xml format or csv so we can use it for providing directory on the phone devices also. It should be pretty simple to implement.

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Agree - if anyone has working xml or whatever format your/other phones support please send it to me.

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
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Did this ever go anywhere?

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no this sort of thing depends heavily on user contribution and noone seemed to provide enough information in order to implement this. This method seems rather kludgy and I still wonder why people insist on using those old crappy 7960 phones. A lot of phones are beginning to support connecting to an LDAP server, and I wonder if it might be a better idea to include support for something like this. The only obstacle I have found so far is dealing with multi-tenant entries with MTE. How to prevent one tenant from discovering contact information on another tenant. From my limited exposure it did not seem to throw up any hard partition by allowing different realms. I would be interested if anyone had more experience with LDAP schema and how best to divide multiple corporations inside a directory without allowing one client to sniff out entries for another company. If not this may get limited to STE.

Erik Smith
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