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We have a new customer who demands 4 digit system wide speeddials (250). Have I overlooked something to do this easily? I'm imagining that would be easy to just maintain it in an csv file that you upload.


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there are speed dials in the user portal now and in the corp directory. I assume by system-wide you mean not unique per user. The company directory values get stored in astdb TL/sd/${tenant}/n where n is the speed dial number. I have to say, trying to remember 250 speed dial numbers doesn't sound easy. I would personally find it much simpler to click-to-call out of the corporate directory from my user portal rather than have to memorize 250 speed dial numbers. The speed dial indexes created out of the user portal contact list populate as TL/sd/${tenant}${TL_DASH}exten/n

writing a script would be just a few lines to use them. Consider a pattern like




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We can agree on that there are better ways to find the number you want - but sometimes you just have those stubborn customers... Anyway, this specific customer have +120 users using those speeddials that are added over time in their old PBX. And yes - they have a list beneath that transparent mat on their desk... I was in a hurry, so I created a "speedial" script:

exten => s,1,Dial(Local/${ARG1}@from-inside${TL_DASH}${tenant})

And added the speeddials as feature codes. The life saver here was that I could shove it right into extensions.include using my favorite editor.

I did find the speeddial stuff in corp.dir. - but couldn't make it work. I expected that I could just punch the number on the phone - but, as your script suggestion indicates, it didn't work. Are there other places where the speeddial index number could be used? I must admit that I haven't payed much attention to the corp.dir in the user portal - over here people are married to their outlook and constantly ask (scream) for outlook integration. However, I think that the user portal could function as a replacement for outlook integration if it could be enhanced a bit:

A: Bulk import from outlook (and other) to personal directory.

B: A field where you can paste an arbitrary string that will be stripped for invalid chars and dialed

And some nice to have (I imagine that you always have a tab open with the directory):

C: A preferred view with selected contacts from both company and personal.

D: Search will open in a pop up window. If the entire directory is loaded but hidden, the search could be done is JS


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I have a speed dial feature that may be useful to you. I have a speed dial section in the user portal that displays phone numbers/names (so you don't have to worry about trying to remember what is what). The speed dial index numbers next to the phone numbers can be used as click-2-dial. If you click the label "Name" next to the name, you get a small popup box that lets you specify what type of number it is (cell, work, home, other) and has a textbox for notes. The upload section in Contacts & Directory allows you to upload an exported MS Outlook .csv file. You can also assign any number in the Contacts section a speed dial number and it will be written to the speed dial database. (Which happens to be MySQL as it is a more logical place to put it than the Astdb IMHO). There is also a 'Print this document' button on the speed dial page that will do just that. I find that some people want to print and display this page as a sort of 'cheat sheet'. The speed dial index can be dialed very trivially by prefacing a "#" sign in fron of it such as #01, #02, #150, etc. Shoot me an email and I will send you some screenshots. fsd (at) voipbusiness (dot) us.