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hi all,

if I want to add another parking lot (IE 800 range)
how would you do it with the Standard Edition?

Add to the Database in ast_static_config?
or can I put it into res_parking.conf?



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Hello Keith,

It will be much easier to edit res_parking.conf configuration file instead of DB table.

Here are a few steps required to add an additional call parking lot to the tenant "tenantname". You can add as many parking lots as you need. Please note that this will work only on the system version 10.

1. user_extensions.include. Add following two lines to include new call parking lot context to your tenant's dialplan.
include => parkedcalls-tenantname-additional

2. user_extensions.include. Add new parking lot context. Remember not to use these extensions as Feature codes, User extensions or Special endpoints.
exten => 800,1,Park(parkinglot_tenantname_additional)
exten => 801,1,Macro(tl-parkedcalls,parkinglot_tenantname_additional,801)
exten => 802,1,Macro(tl-parkedcalls,parkinglot_tenantname_additional,802)
exten => 803,1,Macro(tl-parkedcalls,parkinglot_tenantname_additional,803)

3. res_parking.conf. Add new parking lot configuration.
parkpos => 801-803
context => parkedcalls-tenantname-alternative
parkingtime => 180
comebacktoorigin = no
;comebackdialtime = 30
comebackcontext = tl-from-call-park
findslot => next ; next/first
;parkedmusicclass = default

4. Reload Asterisk dialplan and res_parking (or just reload entire configuration).

Please let me know in case if you will have any issues.

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Nice I will try this out!