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We are trying to get the Group Call Pickup feature working on a Yealink phone using the BLF key.

We have a hunt list with the main reception phone ringing in a Device Based Ring Group. We want other extensions to be able to answer the call.

Directed Call pickup is working with the default feature code *8

Group Call Pickup is working by manually dialing the *8 feature code followed by the Pickup group number, eg: *80

Any ideas would be great. We have multiple customers that want to take advantage of this functionality.

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make sure _*8 (directed-pickup) is in the tenant's Feature codes
On The phone's GUI, if that's how you are configuring, make sure call pickup code "*8" is there in Features/Pickup and park/directed call pickup.
Then in the DSS setup for that ext's DSS entry, add *8 in the extensions box.

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Hi Biznet,

Thanks for the reply. Directed call pickup works fine using *8 in Features/Pickup and park/directed call pickup & the users extension on the BLF. But this only works for calls direct to the extension.

If it's a call controlled by a call group / hunt list we are it does not work. Yet manually dialing the Group Call pickup code of *8 + Group number, it works fine

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Hello Ausip,
See below to display incoming calls on phones the BLF is enabled for. These instructions are for our setup - you mileage may vary. (Note: change CUST_DIRECTORY to cust's tenant name.)

1.) Create directory "/etc/asterisk/user_provisioning/CUST_DIRECTORY"

2.) Copy below files from "/etc/asterisk/provisioning" to "/etc/asterisk/user_provisioning/CUST_DIRECTORY"

3.) Modify the following settings in the files:

a.) account.${LINE}.dialoginfo_callpickup = 0 (Change 1 to 0 to Disable)
(apply to: yealink_line.cfg; yealink_dect_line.cfg)

b.) features.pickup.direct_pickup_enable = 1 (Change 0 to 1 to Enable)
(apply to: yealink_phone_70.cfg; yealink_phone_73.cfg; yealink_phone_8x.cf)

c.) features.pickup.blf_visual_enable = 1 (Change 0 to 1 to Enable)
(apply to: yealink_phone_8x.cfg)