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Enterprise Phone System

Phone System for Enterprise

Thirdlane Business Phone System for Enterprise is a modern software solution that includes VoIP PBX and other components that enable omni-channel communications and allows organizations of any size to maintain a Fortune 500 image with the minimal capital investment.

Whether deployed in a hosted environment or on-premises, Thirdlane Business Phone System offers businesses an unmatched set of features and tremendous flexibility in configuring their communications and meeting the most demanding business requirements.

Business Phone System and Unified Communications for Enterprise

With Thirdlane Business Phone System, you can quickly and easily manage phone numbers, route calls, manage users, mailboxes, call queues, and ring groups; set up auto attendants, and more – all using an intuitive, point-and-click user interface displayed in a standard web browser.

You will project the professional image your company needs, and your staff will get everything they need to communicate effectively – whether in the office or on the go.

Thirdlane Phone System for Business Features 


  • Auto-attendant. Callers can be greeted and automatically transferred anywhere by multiple and multilevel auto-attendants – no receptionist needed.
  • Time Based Routing. You can specify how incoming calls get routed based on the rules specific to your business.
  • Dial-by-Name directory. Callers connect with the people or departments they need by “looking up” extension numbers.
  • Music or Messages on Hold. Callers can hear helpful messages and music on hold -- company wide or personal.
  • Voicemail. Your team can pick up voicemail in emails, or from any phone. You can forward voicemail to colleagues in email.
  • Internet Fax. Faxes can be delivered to you or anywhere via email, and sent by simple file upload in a standard web browser.
  • Hunt Lists. Hunt Lists are lists of ring groups dialed in sequential order - an effective way to ensure that important business calls always get answered.   
  • Call Queues. Calls can be routed to call queues where they can be answered based on the business defined rules and priorities. 
  • Find me / Follow me. Your customers and business partners reach your staff more easily through easy-to-set-up call routing rules.
  • Virtual Extensions. Call forwarding allows remote workers operate under a single virtual phone system with the directory, extensions, and voicemail.
  • Mobile Transfers. When outside of the office, employees can transfer calls forwarded to their mobile device to any PBX extension.
  • Call Screening and Blocking. You know who is calling and can screen or block unknown or unwanted callers.
  • Call Recording. Important calls can be recorded automatically or with a press of a button. You can listen to the recorded calls and forward them to colleagues in email.
  • Searchable Call Logs.  Detailed call logs allow you to track, analyze, and optimize your business communications.
  • Click-to-Call. Calls can be originated from your phone or a mobile device by simply clicking on the office or personal directory entries or from the records in the call log.
  • Auto-provisioning. Popular handsets can be setup and configured very quickly by using templates.
  • CRM Integration. Your PBX can be easily integrated with many popular CRMs. Thirdlane supports telephony integration with Salesforce, Zoho and Sugar CRM out-of-th-box. Other CRMs can be easily added.

To benefit businesses with more advanced Call Center needs and dedicated Call Centers, Thirdlane solutions can be further expanded by adding Thirdlane Call Center license to the base products. Ii easy - and can be done at any time. 

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