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Small Business Phone System

Phone System for Small Business

Small businesses need to have a cost effective, feature rich and easy to manage small business phone system to communicate with partners, vendors, and customers.

Thirdlane serves small businesses via MSPs, and UCaaS and telephony service providers who deploy white label hosted Multi Tenant PBX platform which provides all the essential communications tools that small businesses need. Small business customers subscribing to services offered by UCaaS providers using Thirdlane Scale or Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX get the same features that are available to the enterprise customers.

Thirdlane modern phone system allows business customers to streamline their sales and support operations, increase revenue, enhance customer experience, grow business, and stay ahead of the competition.

Advantages of Hosted Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX for Small Business

  • Low upfront costs. With your phone system in the cloud, you eliminate high upfront costs of a traditional system.
  • Choice of providers. You can choose a local provider in your region. Thirdlane powered providers are available in Europe, North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
  • Dedicated support. Thirdlane based provider will setup and manage your phone system, so it is seamlessly maintained while you can focus on your core business.
  • Choice of working remotely. Hosted PBX can can link multiple offices and remote workers to work together and greatly increase productivity.
  • Choice of devices. Employees can use any type of devices to communicate with customers and internally. Each user can have multiple phones in multiple locations, including desk and soft phones, Thirdlane Connect soft phone and messaging app, as well as the Microsoft Teams client apps. 
  • Choice of communications channels. Your team members will be able to collaborate and communicate with customers and partners using internal text messaging, SMS, voice, and video. 
  • Free automatic upgrades. With no hardware that can become obsolete, you can rest assured that you will always have the most up-to-date communication system available.
  • Higher uptime. Even if the lines to your office are cut, your customers will still be able to reach your IVR and employees can still access calls forwarded to their mobile phones.


Thirdlane Phone System for Small Business Features

  • Auto-attendant. Callers can be greeted and automatically transferred anywhere by multiple and multilevel auto-attendants – no receptionist needed.
  • Time Based Routing. You can specify how incoming calls get routed based on the rules specific to your business.
  • Dial-by-Name directory. Callers connect with the people or departments they need by “looking up” extension numbers.
  • Music or Messages on Hold. Callers can hear helpful messages and music on hold -- company wide or personal.
  • Voicemail. Your team can pick up voicemail in emails, or from any phone. You can forward voicemail to colleagues in email.
  • Internet Fax. Faxes can be delivered to you or anywhere via email, and sent by simple file upload in a standard web browser.
  • Hunt Lists. Hunt Lists are lists of ring groups dialed in sequential order - an effective way to ensure that important business calls always get answered.   
  • Call Queues. Calls can be routed to call queues where they can be answered based on the business defined rules and priorities. 
  • Find me / Follow me. Your customers and business partners reach your staff more easily through easy-to-set-up call routing rules.
  • Mobile Transfers. When outside of the office, employees can transfer calls forwarded to their mobile device to any PBX extension.
  • Call Screening and Blocking. You know who is calling and can screen or block unknown or unwanted callers.
  • Call Recording. Important calls can be recorded automatically or with a press of a button. You can listen to the recorded calls and forward them to colleagues in email.
  • Click-to-Call. Calls can be originated from your phone or a mobile device by simply clicking on the office or personal directory entries or from the records in the call log.
  • Auto-provisioning. Popular handsets can be setup and configured very quickly by using templates.
  • CRM Integration. Your PBX can be easily integrated with many popular CRMs. Thirdlane supports telephony integration with Salesforce, Zoho and Sugar CRM out-of-th-box. Other CRMs can be easily added.


Modern communication platform will keep you ahead of the competition

Thousands of customers worldwide, hundreds of UCaaS (unified communications as a service) providers and resellers deploy Thirdlane business communications solutions to drive competitive advantage.

Businesses of all sizes, government and public agencies, and contact centers use Thirdlane’s reliable and easy-to-use multichannel communication solutions to enhance productivity, engage customers, boost sales and reduce costs.