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Scalable Multi Tenant Platform for Unified Communications

Scalable Platform for Unified Communications

Thirdlane Scale allows MSPs and Unified Communications Service Providers deploy large scale business communications and collaboration services in the cloud.

Thirdlane Scale is a geo-redundant multi server multi tenant alternative to Unified Communications solutions from Cisco, Broadsoft, Mitel, Netsapiens and other vendors.

Infinitely scalable, highly-available, and supporting thousands of concurrent calls, Thirdlane Scale provides all the features demanded by business customers, such as advanced business telephony, secure messaging, video, and integration with CRMs and other applications.

Key reasons to choose Thirdlane Scale

  • Scalability. Start small and grow your system by adding servers as needed.
  • Security. Expose minimal number of components, manage traffic and handle attacks when they occur.
  • Redundancy and High-Availability. Configure your system without a single point of failure, manage the entire installation using powerful management interface.

High availability, redundancy, and geo-redundancy are at the core of Thirdlane Scale.

Building on top of the best of breed open source components that include Kamailio SIP server, Asterisk PBX, Jitsi video bridge, Coturn STUN and TURN server, and more, we are able deliver a reliable, feature rich and scalable solution at a fraction of the cost of comparable products.

To learn how you can save thousands of dollars by migrating from your existing (expensive) platform to Thirdlane Scale, please contact us today.

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