Salesforce Integration and Click-to-Call from Any Web Page
Thirdlane Web Dialer

Thirdlane Web Dialer is a Google Chrome Extension that allows click to call dialing and screen pops for supported CRMs.

Supported CRMs and Help Desk applications include Salesforce, Zoho, vTiger, X2CRM, Pipedrive, sugarCRM, Freshdesk and Zendesk as well as Microsoft Office 365.

Salesforce and other CRM integrations require Thirdlane Business PBX or Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX, and work best with Thirdlane Connect. Click-to-Call works independently of Thirdlane platform products, and can be used alongside any sofphone.

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How does Thirdlane Web Dialer work


Thirdlane Web Dialer operates by calling the third party via the PBX while making a call back to the user's phone.

Thirdlane Web Dialer either with user's help or automatically recognizes if a user is logged in into any of the supported CRMs and after searching CRM for a Lead or a Contact with a matching phone number uses the CRM browser page to display the relevant Lead or a Contact record (a screen pop)..

Screen pops can be automatic or user managed, depending on the configuration options.

For CRM integration, Thirdlane Web Dialer requires Thirdlane PBX or Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX version 7.5.X or later.

Thirdlane Web Dialer Features

  • Click to Call. Automatically turns all recognized telephone numbers into click to call targets. You can also highlight (select) any number on the web page, right click, and call.
  • Chrome Address Bar Dialing. Allows to Call from Chrome address bar by entering "call" keyword.
  • Salesforce and other CRMs Integration. When you are logged in into any supported CRM, Thirdlane Dialer tries to lookup Accounts, Contacts and Leads based on the caller id of an inbound call or a phone number of an outbound call and displays CRM data.
  • Customization. Allows to specify an additional URL to be used for screen pops when you are not logged in into any CRM or if caller/callee data is not found in CRM.
    Example :${PHONE}

How to configure Thirdlane Web Dialer

Thirdlane Dialer Settings

Configuring Thirdlane Web Dialer is easy - you have to specify the address of your Thirdlane PBX or Multi Tenant PBX and your user credentials.

Username and password are the same as for accessing Thirdlane User Portal - for Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX the user name is tenant-extension (i.e. demo-100).

"URL for screen pops" allows you to specify additional URL that will be opened if you are not logged in into any supported CRM, or no Contact/Lead with a matching phone number is found in CRM.

"Show screen pops automatically" allows you to specify whether the screen pops will be automatic. Otherwise, you will be able to open a Contact or a Lead record in CRM by clicking on a browser notification.

"Show desktop notifications" controls whether the browser notifications will be shown.

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