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Thirdlane FreeMetrics is a Splunk™ App for Call Centers

Thirdlane FreeMetrics is a Splunk™ Application for Call Centers

Thirdlane FreeMetrics is a free Splunk application that produces charts and reports from Call Detail and Queue Log records generated by Asterisk based PBXs and call centers such as Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX, Thirdlane Business Phone System, and Thirdlane Call Center.

Call Center managers are responsible for tracking and improving a variety of Call Center metrics and require advanced and easy to use tools for constant evaluation of agent and overall Call Center performance.

Thirdlane FreeMetrics empowers Call Center managers with the tools to track and analyze Call Center performance metrics and key performance indicators with the precision required for making better informed management decisions

Key features of Thirdlane FreeMetrics

  • FreeMetrics is the first Splunk ™ application for the analysis of the log data produced by Asterisk based PBXs and calls centers such as Thirdlane PBX, Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX, and Thirdlane Call Center.
  • Easy Installation. Installation on a Splunk server is just a simple file upload.
  • Simple Configuration. The application is built based on the requirements frequently requested by Call Center administrators and provides key performance indicators for a typical Call Center out-of-the-box.
  • Predefined Splunk Source Types. Thirdlane FreeMetrics application is ready to process and analyze Call Detail Records (CDR) and Queue Log data stored in either a database or plain text files.

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