MS Outlook dialer for Asterisk-based PBXs

Thirdlane Dialer is a free but powerful Outlook dialer and screen pop application for download and use with Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX and Business PBX versions 6 and 7, as well as many other Asterisk-based PBXs.

The Thirdlane Dialer also has a Mobile version, which is currently in Beta. To find out more, please  contact us for details.

Thirdlane Dialer Features

Thirdlane Dialer can be configured as MS Outlook add-in, creating an Outlook toolbar that allows a user to easily dial phone numbers found in Outlook contacts and email.

When not used with Outlook, Thirdlane Dialer displays a small floating toolbar and a system tray icon that enable users to quickly dial phone numbers stored in Thirdlane Dialer's internal database—or entered (typed, pasted, etc) in the toolbar. The toolbar fades to semi-transparency when not used for some time.

Thirdlane Dialer operates by originating calls with the PBX and initiating call back to the user's phone. Once the phone rings (or answers, if the intercom option is used), the user is connected to the called party. Thirdlane Dialer's screen-pop behavior is highly customizable. Users have a choice of a simple system tray pop-up, a sticky note on the desktop, Microsoft Outlook contact display, or a browser-based reverse phone look-up using popular Web search engines. Thirdlane Dialer can also display custom URLs, and integrates with any web based CRM solution - or with any caller-id-capable desktop application.

When used with Thirdlane PBXs, Thirdlane Dialer does not connect to the Asterisk PBX engine "Manager" Interface. This makes Thirdlane Dialer easier to configure, and (most importantly) more secure.

Key features of Thirdlane Dialer:

  • Integration with User Portal. Thirdlane Dialer provides users with seamless access to the Thirdlane PBX's User Portal, where they can manage their phone settings, access voicemail and call history, or initiate calls from the company directory or directly from the CDR (call log).
  • Screen pops for inbound calls. Users can configure Thirdlane Dialer to display information about the incoming calls. This can be a simple tray pop-up, MS Outlook contact screen pop-up, or a browser-based reverse phone look-up in popular web search engines. Thirdlane Dialer can also display custom URLs, and integrates with any CRM solution or caller-id-capable custom application.
  • Security. There’s no need to provide Asterisk Manager access—including manager user name and password—to every desktop user. Also, all communications can be performed over https (secure http) and user credentials can be stored in an encrypted form.