Global opportunities exist for Thirdlane Reseller Partners to offer Thirdlane PBX and Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX to their customers.

Thirdlane partners include Reseller Partners, Technology Partners, Development Partners, Carriers and Hosted Service Providers.

As a Thirdane solution provider and Reseller Partner, you’ll find it easier than ever to help your customers and clients optimize their communications. That means more customer loyalty, more opportunities for add-on services and a bigger bottom line.

For more information on our Reseller Partner program see Becoming a Reseller Partner.

For all other partnership opportunities please contact us.

As a managed service provider, we at FUSE3 Communications know the importance of delivering a complete package to our customers. A critical component was voice over IP and considerable research was performed in this area. The Thirdlane PBX has proven to be a stable and feature rich platform, a perfect solution for our Managed IT customers. We have partnered with Thirdlane for many years and look forward to many more.

Michael Greco
Chief Technology Officer at FUSE3 Communications