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Yealinks with Sidecar Expansion Modules

Posted by Dougster on Mon, 03/27/2017

HAs anyone got a template that can program the Yealinks with the sidecar expansion modules (T27, T29, T46 etc).

The expansion keys are exactly the same as the regular ones, but named expansion_module_1.line.1. xxx instead of expansion_module_1.line.1. xxx.

Any help apprecated

Submitted by eeman on Thu, 04/13/2017 Permalink

you would have to utilize custom1 - custom3 for those and you would be limited to a single button type per category (custom1,2,etc) so as long as you're ok with it just being BLF you could have up to 3 sidecars where each custom_x would represent expansion_module_1 etc. OR you could have just a single sidecar and have 3 button types (custom1 for BLF, custom2 for speed dial, etc)

Submitted by davidjack on Sun, 05/14/2017 Permalink

T46G_with_sidecar.txt : Text file of our template (configured to populate BLFs on both pages of the first 2 sidecars). This will need to be tweaked if you need to use more than 2 sidecars or only want to populate the first page of each sidecar.