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Yealink Cordless DECT Park Fix

Posted by matthewmalk248 on Thu, 05/17/2018

There is a current bug in certain W52P & W56P DECT bases that may 'break' parking for the transfer type of parking (which is used to work with thirdlane). The non-broadsoft firmware may try using XSI or FAC parking modes for broadsoft after a factory reset.

The current fix provided to me by Yealink is to include the following 2 lines in the provisioning file...


Submitted by matthewmalk248 on Mon, 06/18/2018 Permalink

Sorry for the delayed response (really hope they can enable reply alerts in forum soon!)
We have some endpoints still using FreePBX so they have to use the Xfer to parking lot as the native call park no longer works, but it still works fast and seamlessly for our thirdlane end users.

Submitted by eeman on Fri, 11/09/2018 Permalink

functionality how is it different than just having a speed dial button set to extension 700 and labeled "Park" where you hit Transfer and then the 'Park' speed dial, listen to the lot number, then release the transfer?

Submitted by matthewmalk248 on Fri, 12/07/2018 Permalink

Really wish these forums would allow notifications on replies. Just saw this.
Yealink cordless phones have a "park" soft key by default so users try to use this as it's right there during the call.