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Hi all,

I am trying to configure a UK '141' outbound rule to withhold caller ID on our PBX. Historically this functionality was managed by our ISDN media gateway, however since moving to a new SIP line provide I now need to configure this on our PBX instead. The instruction given by our provider is as follows:

As below, it has to be done on your premises equipment. The CLI withholding can be controlled from the SIP client side, accordingly to SIP RFC. You can either set the Privacy = FULL in the SIP client side or send “ANONYMOUS” in the name parameter.
The CLI can be withheld in in 3 different ways:
1. In the PAI Header: Privacy : ID
2. In the RPID Header: Privacy = FULL
3. In the From header of the SIP invite message: ANONYMOUS

For example the headers should appear as the following:



Can anyone provide some suggestions on where I should inject this information for a given outbound route?