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We are really happy with the Yealinks, they love the T54. Our customers think the Polycom's are ugly and too squat, like the VVX 500.

We have never seriously looked at Snom and did a little Grandstream. The GXP1625 for under $30 has a great price point.

What are you selling?

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Here's my honest experiences over trying different brands, we lease almost always so if a customer isn't happy, we get stuck with the junk.

Polycom VVX:. Mixed opinions from customers on looks, everyone loves the color touch screen on the 500 until they have to use it. Unique "deep tone" sound people seem to like, but not as reliable as the older SoundPoint Line (IP335, IP550, etc) But at least they offer GB switches now.

Grandstream: No trouble with their deskphones, plain jane looks, but their new ones look promising. provisioning was sometimes a PITA. Cordless models are complete garbage. Everyone we've used/sold has been tossed in the trash within a year. I have a desk drawer full of DP710 handsets that customers have dumped on me. Also their ATA's have been a nightmare with freezing up and have all been replaced by CISCO SPA112s other than maybe one or two still hiding out there.

Cisco: Have dozens of SPA112's out there and never have had issues. But their Deskphones seemed to lack features and looks and tended to not be liked by customers in general, especially if they had Yealinks or Polycoms in the same deployment.

Yealink: Our overall favorite. They also seem to be kinda taking over the VoIP handset world. Hassle free DoA returns (when they do happen) and the newer models are much better quality than the old T20/T26/T32 lineups which did seem to have issues with button delay and registering over NAT on random/rare occasions. Great price to feature ratio, great sound quality, super easy provisioning, and they support VPN out of the box. The T41S is my current goto, and T46S is my current favorite. (T48S looks sweet but not a huge fan of touchscreen on a deskphone). Don't have too many looking at the T54's yet. They haven't offered me any Demo's so I'll stick with my T48G as my "show-off" piece.
They also have the best cordless model I've seen in the W56H/W56P. It's sleek & sexy, with a flat lithium battery, OTA firmware updates, and an optional faux leather case for harsher environments. Also love their little touches like having USB upgrade modules for their Mid to higher range models like a WiFi dongle and a BlueTooth dongle.

Vtech: To be fair, They have some big fans, but I've only tried a VSP736 for a customer, which they promptly returned after one day. I tried it out myself and wasn't a fan. It's a deskphone/cordless basestation that only allows you to be using one or the other (corded or corded handset). If another account is ringing and one person is on the desk-set, and you answer on the cordless, you cut them off from there call. Personally makes no sense to me why it wouldn't allow concurrent calls especially for the price.