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VTech phones support

Posted by thirdlane on Fri, 03/25/2016

Hi all,

We are adding support for VTech phones to Thirdlane and I wonder if anyone has already built configuration files for auto provisioning and would be willing to share them.

If you do please contact me ASAP.


Submitted by thirdlane on Wed, 04/06/2016 Permalink

We just completed testing of VTech ErisTerminal VSP725, VSP735 Deskset SIP Phones and VTech VSP600 SIP DECT Base Station and Cordless Handset.

I like them, if you happen to call Thirdlane, I will most likely answer your call on VST600..

Has anyone deployed any of these handsets in production and would like to share the configuration files for auto-provisioning? We will be creating and sharing configuration files as soon as they reach production quality - but it would be great to get input (and the files) from the community!