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am I doing something wrong here..

I have en extension, set to use the mail box of another extension,, like my home ext using my office's voice mail box. from my home phone the message waiting lights is on, the stutter tone is stuttering, but when I hit *55 it asked me the number of the mail box I want to check..

am I mising something on what this featuer is used for..?


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checked in new DOC, there is nothing for this feaure,,

no one has a clue as to its use..?


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I think the feature lets you do what you mentioned. I have two phones in my office and I think they both roll to the same VM box. I will check it out tomorrow.


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It's not an elegant solution, but I think I have worked around this by programming a button on the phone to dial *55. For example, if you voicemail box is 103, dial *55103.

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Hi George,

The problem is that there are 2 separate things involved – one is what the phone will use for vm message notification and retrieval (that is where vmexten is used when you press voicemail button on the phone) and the other is how the script tl-check-voicemail works. The script simply looks at the originating channel, parses it and uses it as a mailbox #, so when you call from user extension XXX you get XXX, not the YYY specified in vmexten or as a mailbox.

One way we could deal with this would be to change the script so it does not assume that the mailbox is the same as the channel, and for Thirdlane PBX to maintain a field in the asterisk database that will contain mailbox for extension and allow the script to 1) get an extension (XXX) based on a channel, 2) get the mailbox YYY associated with extension XXX.

Goes into the list of things to fix.

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
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