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First, congratulations on the new site and forum. It will be great to have a community of Thirdlane users who can share tips.

I am running PBX Mgr MTE version 5.0.11. It looks like I have missed several updates along the way. Alex, do you have a change log that will show me what has changed since 5.0.11 so I will know what to expect when I upgrade?

If I install the latest webmin plugin will my license still exist, or will I need to reinstall it?

Finally, my scripts seem to be at 1.1.17. If I click the "check for updated scripts" link nothing seems to change except that link is replaced with this text: "Latest version: Unknown".

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Hi Dan,

Thank you - I hope that forums will help, I really appreciate when other people jump in and share information.

As far as the upgrades:

License will still exist - no problem there. The only time someone should not try to upgrade (and if they do upgrade the system will become unusable until the license is updated) is when they have an expired license (over one year) - meaning they are not allowed to upgrade without extending the license for one more year.

Don't know exactly what is the issue with script updates, you can use an alternative to auto-update - just download the latest Thirdlane PBX Webmin module and install it in Webmin.

There were few changes to the configuration files that (until we come up with a better way) are not updated automatically during the install. This is because we don't want to overwrite any files that could potentially be changed by customers, including sip.conf, extensions.conf. I suggest comparing your files with the files we ship so changes will become obvious (i hope), and you can apply them by hand.

I am including the change log below - sorry it does not go back to 5.0.11


2007-11-13 Added an argument to allow prepending a string to caller id name in all the "go-to" scripts

2007-11-13 Added tl-transfer-to-voicemail script that allows to transfer a call directly to a voicemail mailbox.

It requres a feature extension in the form _*6. (*6 is just an example), so that the call can be transferred to a mailbox (say 201), by transferring to *6201

2007-11-13 Fixed tl-intercom script to send appropriate sip headers

2007-11-13 Made changes to sip.cfg (for polycom) and snom3xxx.cfg (for snom) to support intercom by default

2007-11-08 Removed an option for a user to associate a user extension with an existing registration or create a new registration (SIP or IAX) and associate it with an extension.

Now the registration is always created based on extension and is the same as extension in single-tenant.

2007-11-07 Fixed a bug where PBX Features and Extensions & Directory menu categories were shown to admins without permissions to any

sub-categories. Thanks Rana.

2007-11-07 Allow ! wherever Asterisk patterns are allowed. Thanks Erik.

2007-11-07 Changed the way Recorded Message arguments are handled in scripts - now file extension is not stored (only file name).

2007-11-07 Fixed a bug where trunk protocol and trunk name were not always shown on Edit Trunk page.


2007-11-06 Fixed a bug when a tenant administrators were created with access to the current tenant rather then the tenant being edited

2007-11-06 Cnanged multi tenant so that tenant level administrators do not have access to the tenant management screen

2007-11-05 Added Yes/No argument type to scripts (internal value is y/n)

2007-11-04 Limit on a number of tenants and extensions per tenant in evaluation license

2007-11-03 Fixed script usage for tl-userexten and tl-stdexten to be only used for user extensions - not inbound

2007-11-03 Various changes to license management

2007-11-03 License terms for non-commercial license

2007-11-03 Free Non-commercial license that allows 4 user extensions

2007-11-03 Changes to postinstall script to support non-commercial license


2007-10-28 Added call-limit to defaults.txt (default values), set default to 10

2007-10-28 Made argument description field for scripts longer

2007-10-28 Added a script to handle simple rerouting - tl-reroute

2007-10-28 Fixed recently introduced error (scripts version 1.1.29) in tl-check-callforward script

2007-10-27 Added call-limit field to the phone/user and defaults forms (needed for BLF)

2007-10-27 Changed code for reading defaults to allow keys with "-" this was needed to handle call-limit or any other kyes with "-"

2007-10-27 Changed sip.conf shipped with Thirdlane PBX to include BLF related keys in globals section (allowsubscribe=yes notifyhold=yes notifyringing=yes limitonpeer=yes)


2007-10-22 Fixed a bug where multiple arguments of 'phone' or 'trunk' type had values shown as accumulated -

i.e. second argument had all the values of first, plus a value of the second, third all values of the first, and second and third, etc


2007-10-18 Changed _*X. pattern to _*. to allow ** feature codes to be used. Since this is in extensions.conf the existing single-tenant users

would have to do a manual update, for multi-tenant it is generated when a tenant is created.


2007-10-17 Fixed FreeBSD trying to use safe_astersik issue

2007-10-17 Added code to correctly recognize interface in FreeBSD - this needs the next version of webmin

2007-10-17 Changed selection criteria for showing recorded calls - so that the calls are shown to one or both parties participating in a call

that is being recorded (based on who is recording the call).


2007-10-14 Fixed cluster management appearing in other index pages

2007-10-14 Fixed a problem with web recording from IAX phone

2007-10-14 Made script body and description fields wider

2007-10-14 Made description in Feature codes a required field

2007-10-13 Added messages showing user extensions limits to bulk generator

2007-10-13 Set maximum number of queues and conferences to 2 for Community license

2007-10-13 Cleaned up counting of special mailboxes and registrations - set to the limit in license (same as # of extensions) for

single tenant and use tenant limits for multi.

2007-10-13 Cleaned up verification of license allowed number of extensions in bulk generator. Only user extensions are counted

using limits from license (for single) and tenant limits for multi

2007-10-13 Added OS type display in installer

2007-10-13 Moved OS type into global variable

2007-10-13 Ignore loopback interface when displaying license (used to look at the first interface did not work on FreeBSD)

2007-10-13 Added code to allow updates for Community License

2007-10-13 Special handling for verification of Community License

2007-10-13 Display number of extensions allowed by license in single tenant

2007-10-13 Create a permanent 5 extension Community license at installation time


2007-10-11 Added basic multisite support - cluster management

2007-10-11 Fixed a bug when h.264 codec was not shown


2007-10-05 Removed word "order" from codecs since the order is not used by Asterisk anyway

2007-10-05 Added video codecs to the list of codecs

2007-10-05 Made trunk name and registration fields longer

2007-10-05 Allow . in trunk names


2007-10-03 Changed references to localhost to use instead

2007-10-03 Added refresh button to PBX Information screen

2007-10-03 Better handling of deprecated commands on PBX Information screen


2007-10-01 Fixed a bug with cdr handling in the user portal


2007-10-01 Added checking for missing perl modules

2007-09-30 Changed the way cdr settings are managed (again), now it allows multiple CDR destinations to be configured (mysql, pgsql and text file)

2007-09-30 Added selection of cdr source to Call Detail Records screen for users with appropriate permissions

2007-09-30 Fixed date range error for record selection where "to" date could become invalid

2007-09-30 Removed 0 duration records from CDR


2007-09-29 Changed the way cdr settings are managed


2007-09-27 Fixed a number of mysql CDR issues

2007-09-27 Fixed pipes vs , for callweaver (menus, inbound routes)


2007-09-26 Added mysql support to CDR

2007-09-25 Changed sorting in CDR - select sort field rather than clicking on headers


Minor changes


Minor changes


2007-09-13 Fixed bug in outbound routes generation. Now Thirdlane PBX uses "" for Callweaver and single quotes for Asterisk


2007-09-06 Made all MACs to be stored uniformly for the devices (letters in uppercase and numbers)

2007-09-06 Added description field to the user defined menus

2007-09-06 Fixed a bug when miltiple user defined menus were open at the same time


2007-09-04 Added permissions to user defined menus

2007-09-03 Added parent/child functionality to user defined menus

2007-09-02 Allow relative URLs in user defined menus

2007-08-29 Fixed a bug where reload was not shown when agent was created or modified


2007-08-27 Fixed a bug that caused hints to be updated incorrectly when updating user extensions

2007-08-27 Changed text to say DID/Pattern for inbound Routes in single-tenant version

2007-08-27 Added indication that reload is required after assigning trunks to multiple routes


2007-08-24 Fixed a bug when script type selection was lost when scrolling (next, prev)

2007-08-24 Added check to ignore safe_asterisk for FreeBSD when choosing comand to run Asterisk

2007-08-24 Fixed a problem with delete=yes being set by default when editing individual extensions (voicemail.conf)

2007-08-24 Added vmexten (in sip.conf) to user extensions to manage vm retrieval

2007-08-24 Added tl-goto-voicemail script

2007-08-17 Added "Subscribe Context" to phones, moved hint into local-extension-tenant context

2007-08-17 Added mailbox to snom template

2007-08-17 Remove tenant related values from asterisk database when tenant is deleted

2007-08-16 Changed temp license to 5 extensions/30 days instead of 3 extensions/15 days

2007-08-08 Fixed text size for dropdowns

2007-08-07 Fixed Outbound Routes screen that was breaking unassigned "-- None --" value into multiple lines in IE

2007-08-06 Changed ' to "" when generating Outbound Route line

2007-08-06 Fixed phonehome.pl location in installer

2007-08-06 Allow inclusion of + in the User Portal - for forwarded numbers

2007-08-06 Added ability to assign a trunk to multiple routes

2007-08-06 Added pbx info screen (Tools -> PBX Information)

2007-08-06 Added ability to add + sign when creating DIDs in Multi Tenant

2007-08-05 Made cloning a tenant (with all options selected) the default when creating tenants

2007-07-18 Added display of associated trunks to Outbound Routes screen

2007-07-18 Changed shipped musiconhold.conf to mode "files" so that Thirdlane PBX does not have to adjust that

2007-07-17 Fixed a dialplan problem where when Voicemail application was triggered from dialing own extension the outbound greeting started too early and was cut off.

2007-07-16 Fixed a bug in cron job setup that was referencing phonehome.pl in the wrong filesystem location causing processes to hang

2007-07-16 Changed Auto provisioning Settings to allow selection of Thirdlane PBX as an HTTP server, serving from unathenticated/provisioning directory, added directory creation in postinstall. Made this a default.

2007-07-16 Added code to manage user permissions for portal access

2007-07-16 Fixed contact (directory entry) creation to include extension - did not work on individual extension creation

2007-07-14 Made directory search case insensitive

2007-07-14 Suppress display of user extension related hints when displaying feature extensions - this was caused by hints generated in the wrong context

2007-07-14 Added "Retain Caller Id" option to the User Portal call forwarding options. This allows to either use the original caller id or the one associated with the extension

2007-07-14 Fixed a bug in bulk generator where contact id for a directory was generated using current time and there was not enough granularity - as a result duplicate ids were created. Existing files can be fixed by adding an extra digit to the existing ids.

2007-07-13 Added callerid options to outbound trunk settings so that user can prepend a string or strip digits from caller id (code and scripts)

2007-07-13 Added "Billable" flag to inbound routes so that an inbound call is flagged as billable and an account code equal to DID is written to CDR

2007-07-13 Fixed permissions on some cgi files

2007-07-13 Included new logo

2007-07-13 Fixed system identification bug that caused Solaris or FreeBSD not to be detected during installation of configuration files

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
Multi Tenant Asterisk PBX

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BTW Alex,

2007-11-06 Cnanged multi tenant so that tenant level administrators do not have access to the tenant management screen

I missed my request to this screen from being added or should I say removed :)