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Time zone in with Device Provisioning

Posted by mattdarnell on Fri, 09/08/2017

We created a template and are getting the error:

"Default Time Zone for this Model is not specified in Translation Map or Translation Map does not exist"

In the template it is set to "default"....We are in Hawaii, GMT -10 with no daylight savings.

In personal preferences I set the Time Zone to 'Pacific/Honolulu' and it will switch back to 'Default Time Zone.

Do I need to add HST?

Submitted by andrewtelligentsys on Thu, 06/21/2018 Permalink

I am also running into this issue. Although in my case, it is because I am not able to add a second line key to an extension manually. I had hoped that by using a template it would successfully show an additional line key, but I ran into this error.

Phone model in question is a Grandstream GXP2170. Doesn't appear to respect having added line keys under Device Provisioning. And if I try to add a BLF or Speed Dial, I get
"Server returned error code = -1
File "gs_gxp2170_mpkspeeddial.cfg" or "gs_gxp2170_mpkblf.cfg" required for provisioning of "Grandstream GXP2170" is missing.

Submitted by chrisc@accents… on Mon, 07/16/2018 Permalink

The base provisioning files for the Grandstream GXP phones are not complete. We had to have the provisioning files custom built by a consultant to properly provision from the server. The base Thirdlane 2170 provisioning file specifically does not support any functions on the programmable VPK's.

Submitted by eeman on Fri, 07/27/2018 Permalink

matt your translation map screen is missing some options... maybe youre not logged in as root? You should be able to add and remove settings for time zone mapping. See attached screenshot. Maybe youre running a really old version of software?