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I just tried your dialer program with outlook integration. It works well except for some specific features I'm looking for.

I have a huge list of contacts with already formatted contact info in the form of :

(123)456-7890 x123

The ',' or the 'x' is for adding a pause so that the extension is dialed automatically after a certain period of time. I can use special characters inside asterisk to accomplish that function (like a 'w' with a zapata channel).

Now, 2 things I found out with the dialer application within outlook :

- Any kind of character outside of the first 10 numbers is removed from the dialer toolbar for click to dial
- When I try to add a filter to change the ',' to a 'x', the software crashes badly when I try to get into the option menu.

If I enter the number outside of the outlook toolbar, it works good, the numbers are send to my asterisk manager and I can then deal with them inside of my dialplan. But the main feature is to be able to use it within outlook, which does not work.

Is there any chance that this can be looked into? Do you offer any kind of support for the dialer software?

What I'd like to see work is the possibility to change the ',' or 'x' into a special character sequence and to be able to send it to the asterisk manager automatically when I click on it within the outlook toolbar.

Many thanks

Alexandre Nault