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Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 9.1.3 with Thirdlane Connect 2.2.2

Posted by thirdlane on Sat, 05/11/2019

Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 9.1.3 and Thirdlane Connect 2.2.2

   Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 9.1.3

  • Replaced GCM based push notifications with FCM
  • Updated Asterisk to version 13.1.26. This version fixes delayed MWI notifications
  • Made HTTP_USER, HTTP_PASSWORD, FTP_USER, FTP_PASSWORD variables available for use in device provisioning templates
  • Fixed a bug where some tenant fields were not stored in cache after tenant creation, resulting in "Duplicate user" error when adding tenant administrators
  • Updated memcached to use TCP only to avoid possible port conflicts
  • Various license management enhancements
  • Fixed rules for determining installation type in AWS deployments
  • Added a trigger to deal with new Asterisk behavior and convert multiple ';' separated values to just one in CDR userfield
  • Added a fix and a patch for setting mailbox context in single tenant systems
  • Fixed directory update when updating User Extensions
  • Fixed pattern generation for inbound Dialing Permissions
  • CDR configuration changes to provide better concurrency and avoid potential locking
  • Fixed recording file name for on-demand recording of external calls
  • Fixed synchronization of personal contacts with company directory
  • Web UI performance improvements

   Thirdlane Connect 2.2.2

  • Updated to support iOS 12.2
  • Added Jabra headset support (Desktop)
  • Added option to select font size - small, medium or large
  • Enhancements to push notifications on iOS and Android
  • Fixed handling of push notifications on Android 8 and newer
  • Added “Add Contacts” step to the welcome wizard shown to new users
  • Fixed a bug in sending/previewing small images
  • Fixed a bug in initiating group calls in the web version
  • Improved accuracy of search results highlighting
  • Added flexible filters for debug logs
  • Fixed a bug in handling push notification while the app is in the background (iOS)
  • Fixed occasional freezes of the app when its launch was triggered by incoming call notification (iOS)
  • Added support of pinch to zoom in image preview for Apple trackpads (Web & Desktop)
  • Added support of Adaptive and Round Icons on Android 8+
  • Fixed a bug that prevented making an outgoing call while ignoring an incoming call
  • Fixed a bug with call time resetting to 0 after 15 seconds
  • Reduced the number of http requests from Settings screens
  • Added documentation link to the main menu (Web & Desktop)
  • Added display of user-friendly error messages in cases when access to microphone or camera is not permitted when making a voice or a video call

You can update to 9.1.3 by running:

yum clean all
yum update

IMPORTANT: your action is required after the update (as described above). For more information you can read the blog post describing new architecture of Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform.

IMPORTANT: Thirdlane Connect 2.2.2 requires Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 9.1.3. Once an update to 9.1.3 is completed, users of web based Thirdlane Connect will have to simply refresh Connect page (typically F5), while users of desktop versions will have to download and update the app for their desktop (Mac, Windows or Linux).

IMPORTANT: please verify that your installation is under maintenance. Updating the system where maintenance has expired will result in Web GUI becoming disabled.

Let us know if you need assistance with the update - our support team is ready to help.

As always, Thirdlane Connect for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops can be downloaded using your browser based Thirdlane Connect by going to Settings -> Downloads.

New Android version of Thirdlane Connect is available on Google Play.

New iPhone version of Thirdlane Connect is available on App Store.

Thank you for using Thirdlane!