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Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 14.2.1 and Thirdlane Connect 14.2.1

Posted by thirdlane on Thu, 11/16/2023


Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 14.2.1

  • Fixed stored procedure to provide correct call source and destination for call history in Thirdlane Connect
  • Fixes and major enhancements to REST API and the interactive API web interface
  • Added service management, currently Text to Speech and Voice Transcription, more service to be added
  • Added service assignment and management on the tenant level
  • Added packetization time on global, tenant, and endpoints level
  • Added code to check for, and execute custom scripts when present
  • Added website form for trial sign up and automated setup
  • Added Kamailio hash table reload on mailbox configuration change
  • Enhancements to call parking handling for cluster installations
  • Added timeout destination to call parking
  • Added a flag to control video conferencing in Thirdlane Connect
  • Added a flag to allow/disallow direct calls in Thirdlane Connect
  • Dialplan changes for the new call parking handling
  • Added shared values table and related procedures
  • Fixed agent pause/unpause scripts
  • Fixed Call Flip handling using *8 feature code
  • Fixed oauth login handling of empty passwords

Thirdlane Connect 14.2.1

  • Added website form for white label options management and build automation
  • Enhancements to the app build process
  • Fixed error in decoding of SMS messages
  • Fixed a problem with sound in hold/unhold sequence
  • Fixed a problem with 3-way calls
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate push notification for SMS messages
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect call source and destination in call history
  • Fixed the app version change detection and notification mechanism


This version of the Thirdlane platform is supposed to be installed on top of the base AlmaLinux OS version 8.

You should start with minimal AlmaLinux OS version 8 ISO which you can get at

For any cloud installation you should use the AlmaLinux OS version 8 cloud provider’s template.

The installation procedure is simple:

  • Install minimal AlmaLinux OS version 8 from vanilla ISO or create AlmaLinux OS version 8 cloud server
  • Configure network and check that your server has access to the Internet
  • Use SSH to connect to the server and run one of the Thirdlane installation scripts, depending on the type of installation (single or multi-tenant)
  • Once the script finishes, login to the GUI at or http://domain.tld (where is your server address, and domain.tld is your domain) and follow the Thirdlane Configuration Manager’s Initial Configuration Wizard


Currently, there are 2 scripts for different installations:

  • getpbx-ste - Thirdlane Business PBX (Single Tenant)

curl -o getpbx -s && time sudo bash getpbx

  • getpbx-mte - Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX

curl -o getpbx -s && time sudo bash getpbx

Both scripts are adopted to cloud installations which usually don’t have a root password - they use SSH keys for ssh access. When getpbx-ste or getpbx-mte script determines that your system root user doesn't have a password, it creates temporary credentials (superadmin / superadmin ) to login to the newly created server, and at the end of Thirdlane Configuration Manager’s Initial Configuration Wizard you will be able to create admin credentials (superadmin user will be deleted). Installation scripts also try to simplify domain, HTTPS certificate, and network configuration - when:

  • Hostname setting of the server is a valid domain - eg.
  • The domain is properly configured - DNS of has A-record with proper ip of the server

If this criteria is met, Thirdlane Configuration Manager setup wizard will use the simplified scenario - steps with domain and interface configuration will be done automatically - including creation of LetsEncrypt free HTTPS certificate. As always, Thirdlane Connect for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops can be downloaded using your browser based Thirdlane Connect by going to Settings > Downloads. New Android version of Thirdlane Connect is available on Google Play. New iPhone version of Thirdlane Connect is available on App Store.

Please contact Thirdlane for assistance with the update - our team is ready to help.

Thank you for using Thirdlane!