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Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 14.1.5 and Thirdlane Connect 14.1.5

Posted by thirdlane on Sun, 09/03/2023


Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 14.1.5

  • Added Hot Desking, where users can login and associate specially designated phones with their accounts/extensions
  • Enhancements and bug fixes in Administrators management
  • Enhancements to device provisioning
  • Added "Can provision Phones" permission option for resellers and administrators
  • Fix a bug where under certain conditions Trunks could be viewed as extensions
  • Enhancements to the dialplan logic for calls requiring to be accepted
  • Included changes to Dialing Permissions in Change Log
  • Fix to properly store Change Log's "updated by" user name when modifying extensions
  • Fix to fax to email handling
  • Voice transcription enhancements and bug fixes
  • Added missing links to the documentation to some menu items
  • Fixed push notifications message types
  • Enhancements and bug fixes in banned/unbanned IPs management
  • Various minor enhancements and bug fixes

Thirdlane Connect 14.1.5

  • Fixed a critical bug causing multiple SIP registrations of the same instance of the app
  • Fixed a critical bug in handling of CANCEL messages, where ringing could continue on other devices after the call was answered on one device
  • Enhancements to the inbound calls handling on Android devices, with emphasis on calls received in the dormant state where the app is reactivated via push notifications
  • Enhancements to push notifications management on all platform
  • Improved formatting of forwarded and replied messages
  • Fixed sign-on process for users configured to have a single session and automatically log off from other devices
  • Fixed unread message count for the new channels
  • Added user defined status text on mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug with wrong timezones in the desktop app
  • Fixed new version availability detection and announcement in the desktop app
  • Fix to show correct options (hold and accept) when accepting multiple calls on iOS
  • Various enhancements to inbound call handling while logged in on multiple devices
  • Enhancements and fixes to call and message notifications in the desktop app
  • Added ability to delete SMS conversations on mobile devices
  • Updated Electron framework to the latest version
  • Extended "Up Arrow" shortcut to support editing of "reply" messages
  • Various minor enhancements and bug fixes


This version of the Thirdlane platform is supposed to be installed on top of the base AlmaLinux OS version 8.

You should start with minimal AlmaLinux OS version 8 ISO which you can get at

For any cloud installation you should use the AlmaLinux OS version 8 cloud provider’s template.

The installation procedure is simple:

  • Install minimal AlmaLinux OS version 8 from vanilla ISO or create AlmaLinux OS version 8 cloud server
  • Configure network and check that your server has access to the Internet
  • Use SSH to connect to the server and run one of the Thirdlane installation scripts, depending on the type of installation (single or multi-tenant)
  • Once the script finishes, login to the GUI at or http://domain.tld (where is your server address, and domain.tld is your domain) and follow the Thirdlane Configuration Manager’s Initial Configuration Wizard


Currently, there are 2 scripts for different installations:

  • getpbx-ste - Thirdlane Business PBX (Single Tenant)

curl -o getpbx -s && time sudo bash getpbx

  • getpbx-mte - Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX

curl -o getpbx -s && time sudo bash getpbx

Both scripts are adopted to cloud installations which usually don’t have a root password - they use SSH keys for ssh access. When getpbx-ste or getpbx-mte script determines that your system root user doesn't have a password, it creates temporary credentials (superadmin / superadmin ) to login to the newly created server, and at the end of Thirdlane Configuration Manager’s Initial Configuration Wizard you will be able to create admin credentials (superadmin user will be deleted). Installation scripts also try to simplify domain, HTTPS certificate, and network configuration - when:

  • Hostname setting of the server is a valid domain - eg.
  • The domain is properly configured - DNS of has A-record with proper ip of the server

If this criteria is met, Thirdlane Configuration Manager setup wizard will use the simplified scenario - steps with domain and interface configuration will be done automatically - including creation of LetsEncrypt free HTTPS certificate. As always, Thirdlane Connect for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops can be downloaded using your browser based Thirdlane Connect by going to Settings > Downloads. New Android version of Thirdlane Connect is available on Google Play. New iPhone version of Thirdlane Connect is available on App Store.

Please contact Thirdlane for assistance with the update - our team is ready to help.

Thank you for using Thirdlane!