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Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 11.2.1 and Thirdlane Connect 11.2

Posted by thirdlane on Wed, 06/02/2021

NOTICE: update and new installation processes for this release differ from the update and installation processes for the previous releases.

Because the latest version of Thirdlane is based on CentOS 7, you should contact Thirdlane when you are ready to update your existing CentOS 6 based installation.

Notice: Installation instructions for the new installations are at the end of this post.

We also recommend to read the blog post about CentOS 6 and CentOS 8 EOL.


Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 11.2.1 and Thirdlane Connect 11.2

    Thirdlane Unified Communications Platform 11.2.1

  • Support for Asterisk 18.x
  • Fix for downloading and playing recorded calls
  • Call Center Agent Panel fixes and enhancements
  • Call Center Live Monitor fixes and enhancements
  • Fix for language selection for tenants and users
  • Enhanced security for web password handling
  • Added Banned Addresses section to ban ip addresses and networks
  • Added ability to specify networks in Trusted Addresses section
  • Separated Banned User Agents section from the rest of security settings
  • Enhancements (including call recording) to device based hunt lists
  • Visual enhancements to User Portal home page
  • Extended sounds packages
  • Fixed a bug that prevented disabling of some of the follow me and call screening settings

    Thirdlane Connect 11.2.1

  • SMS support
  • Added auto response to group call callbacks
  • iPad screen layout fix
  • Fix for making calls on iPad
  • Fix for initial display of selected members in group calls
  • Fix for intermittent connectivity issues
  • Fix for opening a channel screen after channel search
  • Improved user experience in starting a group call
  • Enhancements in MS Windows installation
  • Improved user experience in merging calls (desktop)

For the new CentOS 7 based distribution we no longer provide the ISO as we did in the past. This is primarily due to frequent AWS, Google, and other clouds installations, where using ISO is not practical.
Instead you should start with vanilla minimal CentOS 7 ISO which you can get from the closest Thirdlane mirror:

In the the US:

In Europe:

or you can find a CentOS mirror closest to you at:

As for any cloud installation you should use the CentOS 7 cloud provider’s template.

The installation procedure is simple:

  • Install CentOS 7 from vanilla ISO or create CentOS 7 cloud server
  • Configure network and check that your server has access to the Internet
  • Use SSH to connect to the server and run one of the Thirdlane installation scripts, depending on the type of installation
  • Once the script finishes, login to the GUI at or http://domain.tld (where is your server address, and domain.tld is your domain) and follow the Thirdlane Configuration Manager’s Initial Configuration Wizard

Currently, there are 2 scripts for different installations:

Both scripts are adopted to cloud installations which usually don’t have a root password - they use SSH keys for ssh access.

When getpbx-ste or getpbx-mte script determines that your system root user doesn't have a password, it creates temporary credentials (superadmin / superadmin ) to login to the newly created server, and at the end of Thirdlane Configuration Manager’s Initial Configuration Wizard you will be able to create admin credentials (superadmin user will be deleted).

Installation scripts also try to simplify domain, HTTPS certificate, and network configuration - when:

  • Hostname setting of the server is a valid domain - eg.
  • The domain is properly configured - DNS of has A-record with proper ip of the server

If this criteria is met, Thirdlane Configuration Manager setup wizard will use the simplified scenario - steps with domain and interface configuration will be done automatically - including creation of LetsEncrypt free HTTPS certificate.

As always, Thirdlane Connect for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops can be downloaded using your browser based Thirdlane Connect by going to Settings > Downloads.

New Android version of Thirdlane Connect is available on Google Play.

New iPhone version of Thirdlane Connect is available on App Store.


Please contact Thirdlane for assistance with the update - our team is ready to help.

Thank you for using Thirdlane!