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Thirdlane IOS Client

Posted by aponnath on Sun, 01/24/2021

Has anyone figured out a way for the Thirdlane IOS client to ring even if the APP is not in foreground ?
If it is in foreground it works as expected but as soon user is in another app the notifications of new call no longer show nor does the phone ring. If that's the way it is designed, then this app is quite useless as no one will keep the thirdlane app open and waiting for a call. I checked in the notification setting of the app on iphone and it has turned on all of them by default..
Hope i am just missing a small thing

Submitted by chrisc@accents… on Sun, 01/24/2021 Permalink

Are you running the current Thirdlane system build and app build? iOS notifications and their reliability are much improved in the latest releases. We have not experienced any issues with that topic since the version 10 release.

Submitted by aponnath on Thu, 01/28/2021 Permalink

Ok, i am using 10.1.2 Thirdlane connect on the IOS , with Connect API version 1.3.2.
The notification , the ringing of the phone works fine if the thirdlane app is in foreground, then the phone rings it rings differently if the Integrated calling is enabled. It still seems to be a bit buggy , for some changes like integration to take effect you have to kill the app and restart the app. When it somewhat works you have popup show for a second or so then fade and come back a few seconds later. Does not look to me like the perfect behavior, Based on the app info this thing was developed most likely in phone gap or ionic since it is using the cordova plugin. Also if it was working maybe there is an issue with the 14.x IOS in my case its 14.3