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Hi, Me again.

I have what is most likely a NAT issue, but i'm at a loss as how to resolve it.

I have the test PBX on a network behind a router, and whilst using the thirdlane app inside the network (both on local IP) works fine, when connecting to the PBX from outside the network i get a connection (asterisk shows connection on but no audio, no chat, can initiate calls.

What have i missed?

P.S DNS inside the network points the resolvable domain name to internal IP, outside DNS points to external IP, can login to user portal anywhere in the world.


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SIP doesnt like NAT, and WebRTC likes it even less. If this is MTE you should not be running it on a private ip. If this is an STE, consider taking the other Ethernet interface and giving it a real public IP. Most of your problems will go away. One exception is connect endpoints behind NAT. There are some firewall products out there that use FreeBSD instead of Linux. FreeBSD's NAT implementation, esp PAT (port address translation) is horrendous. Inevitably the two UDP streams (rtp media and rtcp control) are remapped to be huge gaps apart in port numbers. They are supposed to be sequential with one odd and one even to handle both rtp and rtcp. This is also why gaming consoles scream and yell when behind these same devices.

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