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has anybody gotten this to work?

is there a particular setting that needs to be enabled that I don't know about? My dialer app is set with all the creds for a user acct, port 10000 and the thirdlane IP and directory--- i checked the http error log and found an error on my connection attempt: session_login.cgi was not found.

after adjusting any settings in the dialer app, i get no more error messages/see no more connection attempts on the server

also we tried a packet trace on the client PC and the dialer was throwing bad checksums

is there a good logfile to watch for connection attempts? or is this app known to not work at all?



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Hi Brian,

Could you please post here all the information you are entering in the connection tab?

Alex Epshteyn
Third Lane Technologies
Multi Tenant Asterisk PBX

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Anybody have a dialer that works ? When dialing fx. 6002 in the dialer my xten softphones rings, i click answer and then i get "i am sorry, thats not a valid extension" - When i dial directly from my xten softphones it works and extension 6002 rings!

Thanks in advance.